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I have one of these turntables, the one called "The AR Turntable", which I bought new in the early/mid 1980's.

Hot on the heels of Wimp launching their re-branded Tidal music streaming service, promising lossless FLAC and ALAC, Deezer have just launched their own lossless "high resolution audio" service, de

I'm quite used to seeing some ridiculous and often extortionate prices being asked for certain so-called hi-end interconnects; many of which are accompanied with a bucket load of Foo.

Speakers I've been looking at and started to demo.

KEF R500 & R700

PMC Twenty-23 & Twenty-24


It looks like they need a big cash injection from somewhere.





I've got the chance of obtaining either the OB1i's or (pre- curved) SCM 40's secondhand v.g.c., from different sellers; but there isn't going to be an opportunity to listen to them at home, or in t

I can't find much on this forum, or on the main WHF site, concerning amps from Teddy Pardo.

Has any news been announced about the release date for Audiolab's half-width range streamer, the M-Net ?

I'll shortly be auditioning various amp and speaker combinations and will be starting off with the KEF R500 floorstaners.

When I installed my Sonos system last year, everything went well and operated as it should, allowing me to access online content and services as well as the music stored in the iTunes libary on my