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My BA sub has decided not to work all of a sudden. No sound from any inputs including B/Ray which is optical lead to amp. Tried all the normal settings on the amp ( Yamaha RX-V667)  to no avail.

I have a question for my soon-to-be future set up:

Wondering about the Marantz MC-R510 as a replacement for my Yamaha RX-V667 as the missus 'needs' a new TV unit without space for the monolithic AV amp.

Want to replace my Boston xs 5.1 system with a pair Dali Zensor 1s .

Hi, probably been asked before but...... For convenience I wonder how much more you need to pay for a BR player to get roughly equivalent sound performance as a pure CD player ?

Ok just received my RS5s 2nd hand . Expected cosmetic damage for £400 but one mid range cone split so have asked for refund of that amount . But also both tweeters centres are pushed in .

After a year or so of the Boston XS and suffering from the poor dialogue (just my experience ) and not so good music rreproduction I am considering Tannoy Rev DC4T on their own.

Hello Guys, Who can tell me if there is any worthwhile Audio shows in or nearby to Essex or London?

Hi Guys, I see a pair of nice Alyas for sale near me for £150 . But I am not sure as I also like the look of the Ruark Prologues .

I have the much vaunted BA soundware coupled to a Ymaha RX-V667 but I'm afraid I am struggling to get the dialogue correct.