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...on black ash cabinets. Any tried and tested ideas? I've read black shoe polish, even crayons rubbed over the offending area.

Do they still exist? I've picked up a pair for peanuts but one of the tweeters is blown. I can't seem to find any. If not, any suggestions for replacement?

On behalf of a colleague...


Do these share the tweeter with another speaker? Or does anyone know where he could source a new pair of tweeters?


Does anyone have any experience of these?

I've just collected a pair of Atacama Nexus 7i speaker stands 2nd hand. What surprised me when I picked them up was just how little they weighed.

Every time I try and update my avatar it reposts my old one. I've tried deleting it, but no matter which picture I upload, my old avatar re-appears...

In the last few days, my system sounds completely different. I seem to have lost most of my clarity. It all sounds muffled, cloudy and closed in.

I'm sure I read on here an owner was having problems with the sound quality, but I can't seem to find it....  Mine seems to sound terrible right now, but I can't work out why (flat/dull/almost non

I have a set of Ruark Talisman II's which I love. I have to downsize my listening room though so can someone give me any details regarding their smaller speakers?