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Quite happy with the sound of my set-up (both music and movies) in terms of its overall detail. However with some music/film I would like it to reach those lower levels a bit more.

I have Marantz PM6004, CD6004 and Panasonic DMP-500 bluray with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers. Looking for new receiver to connect with stereo amp (to keep stereo set up the same).

I have Marantz CD6004 and PM6004 connected to Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers for stereo duties. I need to add an AV Amp due to multiple HDMI sources.

I'm interested in the Yamaha RX-V373 and note it is not an upscaler.

I was wondering what people's experiences are with the mechanism noise from this player (I didn't notice this in the shops) as I have had players/auditioned some that were very distracting.

I'm about to purchase a Panasonic DMP-BDT500 bluray player.