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Hey guys I don't know if any of you have had your premium Spotify account through a 3 mobile contrac, but for those of you who have and are having trouble continuing your premium subscription direc

Hey guys as I've seen quite a few questions regarding which setting to use I thought I would start a thread explaining my understanding and hope it helps any one wanting to know.


Hey guys. It's been great conversing with so many different people over the past few months since I really started posting on these hallowed forum pages.

Hey guys. I had tried to start this thread in "Off Topic" and it wouldn't work so lets see how far I get this time.

Let's see if this new shiny thread works.

Shouldn't new topics appear at the top of forums at first?

I started on in Off topic about soundcloud and can't find it. Which means I'm sure no one will see it.?

Hi guys. I felt quite strange when I started the thread about Chris. Not only sad for Chris losing his life but for bringing sad news to the forum.

Ok aside from the Beckham advert and some other random adverts that I managed to get rid of.

I have just had a post in my Facebook feed from Drumwright. A shop very prominent in the world of drumming music.

Hopefully this is a link to some pictures of my Home Cinema and Hi-Fi

Enjoy. :rockout: