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My current Buffalo NAS drive is powering
out and only lasts for 20 minutes at a time i am looking to replace this and set
up for saturday i currently run a wired network via a BT

I visit the site most days the Samsung Ad popping up every time is now becoming quite annoying- i appreciate you've got to sell advertising but that clicking in everytime is a pain especially tryin

Just got a offer via Buyometric/groupon to stream Lovefilm


Thought 6 months for £9.99 was a good deal.


There seems to be some package offers on Kef 5005.2 but would these be a big step up from the KEF 3005 Se or the B&MT 25W which dont seem to be on offer .

I downloaded the latest itunes upgrade this morning and it has wiped my library and very strangely my backed up files.