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hi all,am considering buying a turntable from the united states,would it be safe to use with a voltage convertor?

ok,be nice i'm a novice,recently bought a funk firm acroplat 2 for my rega rp3 and there is a distinct wobble when it spins especially at 45rpm,any help,advice would be greatly appreciated,thanks

hi all,am looking to replace my elys cartridge,looking for suggestions on a good upgrade,my budget is £ 300,thanks

have drawn up a shortlist of possible components for my new hifi

michell gyro se with technoarm a

lavardin is reference amp

electrocompaniet ec1-3 amp

am in the process of planning a new hifi system,turntables i have shortlisted are the rega rp8,nottingham analogue spacedeck and the roksan radius 5 mk 2,no local retailers stock these,so am going

hi all,hoping you'll be kind and helpful to this noob,in the past have always had budget hi fi systems,however now i have the oppurtunity to put together a decent system,i have a budget of £10000,i