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I'm not anymore! Wow. A friend wanted a new set up and decided to demo the ADM 9.1 actives. I went along for the ride.

Well I've swapped my DACs to generate some cash and have found that such a change can have a huge affect. The W4S offers huge bass and scale alongside very precise rendition of the music.

My sub has started humming since I changed AV receiver. It does so when just plugged in only at the mains, even away from my kit. I'm expecting it to be the end of the RSW12.

My new receiver arrived today and I've had great fun playing with it today. That was until I turned down the volume and head a buzzing from my sub!! Peter Tyson, I thank you.

Ever since I got my MA Apex speakers, their look has been moaned about by my better half.

Does anyone know what Sky would charge to run a new set of cables from dish to my HD box? my pc is now in a different room to my screen. Any ideas?

I'm thinking Yamaha. Is the A2010 good enough for my speakers or would I notice a jump in class with the 3010? I don't need AirPlay, network capabilities or much flashiness.

I'm looking to replace my MA Apex rear speakers with dome in wall, grille paintable speakers.  So far, I have Polk Audio's 65RT and Monitor Audio's W265 or W280 options.