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| |(  Why do my replies kep triggering your spam filter? They're totally innocent, as far as I can see. 

together with the stupid pop-up fotballer ad, I'm getting very vexed.

I'm trying to find a replacement for my MX500 phones, and want an in-line volume control. I can't wear buds, they hurt, but MX500s are fine.

I recently bought a new cartridge, and as there was a significant improvement over my previous cart, I'm pondering trying a selection of cartridges, but I've only got the one headshell on the R200

I'm finally having to part with my 30-y.o. Dynavector 10x4, and would appreciate advice for a replacement.

I've been listening via my Alessandros for some years now, and am aware of sound leakage, so have been wondering about changing to closed-back phones.

My daughter is trying this phone, which uses Android 4.2.2, and his having difficulty connecting to her Orange/EE 3G network.

My son's recently bought the new Nano, and has just tried the bundled phones.

I've got a Dynavector 10x4, bought in 1985, on my '83 Rega Planar 3/R200. I thought the cantilever was bent, but on closer inspection it seems ok.

I'm trying to get digital sound from my Blu-ray player/recorder, using a digital co-ax cable, to my Uniti. However, I'm unable to achieve this. I've got analogue sound ok, but no digital sound.

I'd appreciate any guidance you can give to clear up my uncertainties re playing HD music tracks downloaded to my laptop, on to a Naim Uniti, which will be the latest spec for the original Uniti.