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Looking to replace my Brio-r. I know the Brio does punch well above its price but would prefer something non Rega.

Just wondering if someone on here can help me out.

Anybody had any first hand experience of one of these or it's predecessor the MS-22B?

Have just listened to both the above speaker setups and can't make my mind up!

Looking to play hi-rez audio files from my VAIO laptop to my Rega DAC, built in soundcard wont go above 44.1Khz, is there an external card somebody can recommend preferably with optical out to use

Does anybody own both the Rega Apollo R CD player and the matching Rega DAC?

How do you have them setup on your rack?

Wondering if its ok to place the player on top of the DAC.

Am just about to splash out on Rega RP6/Dynavector 10x5 any day now and then read a few comments on a couple of forums of RP6's exhibiting significant marks/scratches on the glossy plinths out of t

Any other owners of Rega's Apollo R CD Player experienced any sort of quirky operating/behaviour with their player?

According to the specs the output of the Dynavector 10X5 MC Phono Cartridge is 2.5mV,  the amp I would be using it with has a phono stage input sensitivity of 3.5mV.

Finally made my mind up and about to order a Rega RP6 (undecided as yet between Ortofon 2M Blue or Goldring 2500 cartridges)