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Behringer B1031A I've looked into most comments and peoples reviews say that they are clear rather then bassy, Im looking into other speakers I've come across the thx Logitech speakers if they are...

Thank you all I'm looking into it all now 

Still looking

Between 100-200  Size ideal bookshelf speakers or a bit bigger 

I want something That can control itself When playing rock/metal screamo But when playing Rap and bass stuff i.e dubstep Shows how good the bass is .. Its not really Ideal considering most speakers...

I have no idea how to look around if I'm honest do it just Google It c: Sounds reasonable 

Overdose wrote: Then the solution seems to be PA speakers. Try searching ebay for active PA speakers. Pick ones with 10" + drivers.   What are they?

davedotco wrote: ...

I dont want to waste my money but then again I want something worth it :/ have you got something on a more trusted site or english site