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Hi , I'd like to know the Phono stage capacitance on PM 6004 MARANTZ;
I think it's not easy to test with capacimeter as I use to make with cable and

By attaching this sub to the secondary power outputs (spk Dirol of the amp I hear a great

Hello, I need to know the exact dimensions of the beautiful black plinth of B&W 684 speakers as suggestions to make something like this for my older, but great B&W 603, the grandmothers of

ALTERNATIVES for towers B&W 684
Hi, I'm looking for towers good for jazz, rock, classical
(and sometimes TV movie) on 2 stereo channels;
I like a sound:

INCREDIBLE:with the Marantz amp remote I can drive my old ( 1992) dc player

Has anyone tried the new amp Marantz pm 6004? How could it behave with B&W dm1800, an old middle road between the current 684 and 685 in dimension and sound? - see figure - Thanks a lot!

Hi, I need some advices to choose a good amp for these speakers :
B&W 1800, 2 way reflex (see freq. response in attachment), from year 1990.
I'm interested in one of these:

Hi! Id' like to have some advices, opinions and suggestions about the difference in
sound character of MARANTZ 6003 and DENON PMA 710 AE from their happy owners