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Just looking at freeing up some space in my house and DVD's and Blurays would do it. Is there an affordable movie server out their capable of holding a couple of hundred Blurays?


Hi, I have been using Squeezebox Touches for about three years with iPeng as the iPad controller.

Just been up North to visit my parents who are moving house and having a clear out of their loft. Imagine my surprise at being presented with a box full of my old records.

Just seen these advertised on Gumtree at £9,900 for collection from Wembley, London.

This was posted by Vladimir earlier today and got lost in an..... Ermmmmm..... Unwise thread that I started last night.

Can we stop talking about cables on here!


I have tried to respond to a couple of threads recently regarding those wirey things that join your amp to your speakers, or perhaps your source to your amp.

I did this afternoon for insurance purposes.

Currently on my third stiff drink.....

Having read through the whole of the "Snake Oil" post,  which is in reference to the relative benefits, (or otherwise), of expensive after sales inter

I have just purchased Education, Education, Education & War byThe. Kaiser Chiefs and played it for the first time on my system.