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I have ordered this feet for my small nad d3020 and denon dra f109 (not this place but from a dan

I now have a nad d3020,boston a26 and a dali e 12 f  subwoofer i have some problems with my room and bass, not extreme, where i am sitting theres lots of bass, so that's a good thing :-), i could b

Does the Nad D3020 have a high pass filter? (Page 6 under connectivity) 


System evolution is made easy by the inclusion of a 

Could anybody tell me what this problem could be?

Would a Nad d3020 & Dynaudio DM 2/7 be a good combination the speakers are 4 ohm my amp is still 2x30 watt but peak power goes from 65watt  to 105watt, the dynaudio is only 86 db my bostons are

How come when i use my mediaplayer wmp or mabye vlc to enhance the bass, more or less all the time it dosn't give enough enhancement and often sound terrible with a bit distortion from my pc.

Need some advice for a subwoofer for my nad d3020 and boston a26

So fare i have found a used JBL ES250 for about 200€  and a B&W ASW600 for 1/3 more

Thought my Boston a26 didn't have enough bottom with my Nad D3020, so instead  of buying new speakers with more bass i went to local hifi store in denmark and listen to som argon (not aragon) subwo

I got some bfa plugs for my speakers and amp nad d3020 + boston A26 and denon dra F109+dali zensor 1


This plug 


I want to read about a speaker like the Boston acoustics a26 which i have, i then go to this page