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Does anyone know if the new Arcam irDAC supports Direct and Interger mode with Audirvana Plus and Pure Music apps on a Mac?

After updating to IOS7 on my Ipad 4 i have found that the Remote App for controlling my Itunes music on the Mac Mini only shows in portrait mode and won't now rotate to landscape which is no good f

Well i have finiahed doing the room up and have the HiFi set up properly now. Added the Blok Stax 400 rack for the equipment, and it's one solid piece of kit!

 Any thoughts from anyone regarding the new PMC Twenty range that has just been launched?

 I am looking to upgrade my amplifier to something in the £1000 to £1500 price range, but have a problem that i think a few people on here have come across before.

I am thinking of upgrading the amplifier in my set up (See Sig) because i feel that maybe the Cyrus 7 and PSXR aren't doing full justice to both the DAC and PMC's.

Just to let those know that are running the excellent Pure Music programme on their Mac that the Version 1.8 Update is due out today (June 1st)


Just like to ask the best recommendations for stands for the PMC DB1i's?

Was thinking of the Partington Super Dreads as they seem the right width.

I have searched the net and can only find the top plate dimensions of these stands.

Can anyone tell me what the dimensions of the bottom floor plate are please?

Just wondering if anybody has any thoughts or can help out re the DAC in my system.