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Loved the size, functionality and power. 

A large retailer has mest up of my order and has offered me a Panasonic TX-P50VT30 for £1049 (no five year Guarantee).  I had odered a 55" VT30 should I take it, how much better is this TV.

Has any one tried this Software?, I want to Automation my Central Heat and some lighting to start with but don't want to be locked in to a vendor to do everything, would be grateful for any info.

From PLAY.COM WHAT HIFI QUOTE "Last time we looked at these, they received a whole-hearted thumbs up and full complement of stars, and all that at £150.

Any one know if the Ecosse CS2.4+ bi wire cable is any good. I need to run cable to a extra set of rear speakers, the other. rears use QED Bronze SE (may replace and was think

Great price for a great Speaker Package

On Ebay got mine for £31 bargin and they have a web site

I just got a Arcam DV135, but can't get any video out other than a pink screen when piped to my Onkyo 875 (HMDI). But if I plug it in to my TV, it goes pink for a second then works fine.