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Hi everyone, thanks to anyone who replied to my previous threads but I am still in need of some advice.

Hi, does anyone own or have any experience with the above nas?

Hi, does anyone own or has heard the above receiver?

Hi guys, I haven't been on the forum a quiet a while and I am in need of some help/advice.

Hi guys, work and family commitments have kept me away from the Hi Fi scene and this forum for a while but i am now back and i am in need of your help.

Hi everyone, i am in the process of putting together a media server and need a little help and guidance choosing the right media server software and choosing the best way to run it.

Hi everyone, i have got the oportunity to get a pair of second hand mint condition Q Acoustic 1050i's and was wondering if they would be a good match for my Roksan Kandy LIII?


Hi everyone, after doing abit of research into external DAC's and Streamers i have noticed that some Dac's can playback 24/192 the USB input and also claim to be able to do this through S/PDIF inpu

Hi everyone, as some of you may know i am having a big problem with my speakers sounding very bright with my Roksan Kandy LIII.