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With lot's of new mini tablets being released and refreshed, I don't want this to become Android vs iOS but It does strike me that Airplay is superior in one significant way 


Hello guys, I'm posting on here just incase a solution pops up but I fear i'm delaying the inevitable. 


With the massive summer of sport coming up I've decided that I'd like to watch all the historic moments in HD and (And when England go out in the groups at least I can see fans tears in crystal cle

Is it possible to give names on built in Airplay devices?

Very trivial but I just prefer to name things such as, Living room, kitchen, etc


Was watching some Frasier last night and his and Niles' quest for the finest, best reviewed  of anything got me wondering what brands could be connected to personality traits.



Family is chipping in for a telescope for someone who is retiring/christmas present.


Have no idea where to start. :?


Title says it all,


Born out of all the lists that seem to include Facebook, Tweetdeck and Angry birds as the best apps.

Sub £250.   I know the Dacmagic does but can't find many others. 


Recommendations please