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House on market. Hifi packed. Music on NAS. One box solution required to stream and DAB. Cheap as possible as future kitchen device. Thanks!

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What Dreams May Come

Visual, other worldly feasts both

Please help.

I have just bought a Samsung 55ES8000 TV.

I have an Onkyo 805 receiver, which DOES NOT support 3D.

I have a Sony BPS 470 Blu Ray Player which is 3D.

It should have been on general release by now?

After much deliberation, about to stump for the Optoma HD 33 before the summer's sporting events.

I mean viable relative to a large screen TV?

Version 3.70....could someone with a 3D TV please confirm the topic of the title? Thanks.

Does such a device exist? Must play blu ray 3d, sacd, dvd-a.

Does anyone know, please, if it is possible to plug a USB blu ray drive into the newer (powerful enough) android tablets?

Just got a HTC Desire HD and I stream music onto its standard application called "music" from my NAS - music that is ripped in WAV (lossless) format from CD's.