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Looking for projector around a grand for dedicated home cinema room duties.
Ceiling mounted. 100inch screen. Approx 4m mounting distance.
The HD50 just been released.

My years old Tannoy DC1 speaker mount says it needs an Omnimount bracket to wall hang.

Well I can't find an Omnimount with correct screw holes.

I have a 2.5m wide projector mount to hang below a vaulted ceiling so I cannot recess into ceiling.

Please could you advise if this is a good idea and provide model details. Thanks in advance:

Plan to have in ceiling speakers. Would like to control the sound using a tablet or phone.

I am building an extension and would like some advice for where to place speakers, please. 


It is not yet plastered so I can pretty much put them anywhere.


Hi all. Is there a product that I can stream music from my phone to via Bluetooth, but that can then be plugged into, e.g. a soundbar, or other amp?

Just ordered this. Any experiences please? Sounded a different category to every other soundbar up to 500 quid. 

Panasonic SC-HTB527EBS

Just cannot find a review.

Hi. Are there any micro systems out there that play sacd? Thanks.


P.s. if they have dlna, especially via WiFi, so much the better. 

So my main system is packed away, our house decluttered for sale purposes. But I miss my surround sound and watching movies isn't the same.

My home separates with amp and full size 5.1 speakers can shake my room when explosions occur. However, how do I get that rich, deep character that you get at the cinema?