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I am spoiled between choice as my budget of £270 allows me to purchase any of the three.  My main constraint is don’t have the luxury to audition any of these(reason: location).



To some extent we have all in the past bought hifi items which we regretted investing money in. perhaps other will like to share their experience.



I have been unhappy with my BX2 sound across the AS500. Thankfully I have the ideck 200 with arcam rPac in my room. 



Hi Guys,


I have the Wharfedale SW 150 sub woofer. I use them to boost the lower frequency that my BX2 cannot cover. 

Hi Guys

I recently bought the rPac to drive my monitor audio Idec 200 speaker. But however  I did not notice any much difference in sound quality.  :doh: