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Where do you live ?.

Ok I need a pooter Geek and talk to me like I'm an alien as I'm rubbish when it comes to going into the scary bits on my computer. 

What a nightmare that little so and so is. Had this happen before , my posts did not appear at all , how long is this queue, lol.. Just happened again.

Occasionally I get logged out, not a problem think I can cope with that ,lol.

What happened to the RP8 thread. 


I logged in a couple of days ago after taking a couple of weeks out.

Thought id give all a laugh at my expense. Had my first fatal bouncer yday, tempted fate after mikes post a little while ago.

Is this just a gremlin at work ?. Although its no big deal i thought i would bring this to your attention ( jd maybe ? ).

Ok i will go first but be warned they are lousy photos