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Where are you based nick ?.  Is vinyl your secondary source ?. 

bonzo101 wrote: Sorry Floyd. The evidence is irrefutable sir.:) Jeez this is getting confusing        

stevebrock wrote: Quote:   Unfortunately I find the cost of 'vinyl played properly' to be beyond my current means, so I make do with digital streaming. have you a figure in mind?    

bonzo101 wrote: It's already got 3009 S2 with an Ortofon Rhoman. I think I'll keep it.:rofl:   Spoilsport 

Waxy wrote: It seems that Croft is not widely sold so getting to hear it could be a problem. Well you could always give Glenn a call and ask the question , ye never know  :).

When you have finished putting it back together , make sure you still have the spoon left over from your pile of bits    Edit. Ah it appears you have put it back together now.