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I know all teh actors had their best days in the early 80's/Late 70's but why does the picture quality have to look like something from that time.

With ITVs new HD channels going to Sky and Freesat not announcing any new HD conrtent, is the platform now officially dead?

Up until teh point where i updated my firmware to 3.0, my network drive was quite happily sitting in my PS3 menu as a media server, now i can't get th3 PS3 to recognise it for love nor money.

Why don't they have the interactive services on the BBC Freesat channels. I have a Panasonic TXP42G10 and they work on Freeview & Sky, but not Freesat - that's annoying

Has anybody else seen the HDMI cable test in the Official Playstation magazine this month?

Now Sony have started using the PS3 menu system on their TV's, Toshiba have started to use the Cell in it's offerings and both companies just announcing they will start fabrication of the smaller l