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I'm still very happy with my Sony KDLW4000,  but while I'm busy 'working' from home I was thinking about what things would persuade me to buy a new TV, and came up with the following very short lis

I purchased a Roberts Stream 83i on Saturday to replace my Pure Evoke Flow that I have been having problems with.  

Has anyone else upgraded their Pure Evoke flow to firmware 1.7?  I am having all sorts of problems with my radio since I did it this morning.  It prompted me to upgrade over Wifi, which I did seemi

Downloaded the new PS3 firmware last night, and having read a post on the BBC iplayer forum about the iPlayer development team tweaking it to be better quality on the PS3.

These may be a daft questions so apologies in advance :)

I finally got round to emailing Pure yesterday to complain that their BBC listen again listings aren't updated promptly enough (4 hours after yesterday's Archers had been aired, it still hadn't app

Having had some buffering problems with BBC iPlayer content streaming
over my wireless network to my PS3, despite having a 70% signal, and

I bought one of these radios for my wife for christmas, with a chargepak.  She is chuffed to bits with the radio, but the battery life of the chargepak seems a bit rubbish.