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It's a nice gimmick and some of the features are unique but I'd rather just have a normal LP.
My copy sounds more crackly than some of my 40 year old albums

It looks like my Arcam CD192 is dying. It started out as a CD72 before I upgraded the DAC a couple of years ago.

I'm after some floorstanders to replace my Tannoy Revolution R3's. I live in Perth, Australia and have up to £1000 to spend.

...you will not be disappointed. I bought mine yesterday and was very impressed. It's certainly better than the Elys 2 it replaced.

A while back I asked for some advice about whether an Ortofon 2M Blue would be a better match for my Planar 3 (with upgraded motor) than my Elys 2 Cartridge.

What are your thoughts on speaker grills? Do they prevent higher
frequencies reaching your ears? Are they brat repellers? Or is there

I was tempted in to buying a mains cable, just see if my hi-fi could sound even better. So I looked around for a Chord Company SuperScreen.

Can digital sound good if it's played back on analogue? I don't think I own CD and vinyl versions of the same digitally recorded albums so I can't compare.

I have posted this on another forum and previously on the WHSV Hi-Fi forum (without response). I'm posting again in case someone can help.

Mine are just like this but not so battered. I bought them about 10 years ago and would like to know what they're called.