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In several topics various members have posted that valves amps have more distortion and that is why some like them.

Not got an Icon Audio Stereo 40 amp yet – will be getting one soon.

In the mean time I am borrowing a pair of refurbished Heybrook HB1 speakers with stands.

Pathos vs Icon Audio

Any similar cost items vs each other

Which one and why?

I have owned and/or demoed many systems.

I have owned Hi-Fi costing a few pounds and demoed systems costing over £10,000.

Starting a new topic as my others are a bit long and I think I'm nearing a decision.

I've got a few more demo's to do but I think I'm near to finding what I want.

Please try to keep this civilized! Obviously this will involve lots of subjective opinion.

Could ADM9 owners also say what they might have as an alternative/second system?

Given a similar budget, what would generally be better, a 2-way or 3-way speaker?

What are the pros and cons tube/valve amps compared to similar priced solid state amps?

Amps in the price range of say £1500 to £2500.

What sort of sound would you expect to get from Quad 67 CD player, Quad 44 pre and Quad 303 power?

Would you expect warm, neutral, bright, other?

I thought I should start a new thread for this question as its got lost in another thread.

Has anyone tried the Tannoy Prestige range?