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Long time no post, but we are still here.


Off to the States beginning of July and flying in to Chicago on the Saturday afternoon, then free til business as usual Monday morning.

Are there any immediate plans to review the new R Series from KEF.

Particularly interested in the floorstanders especially the R500 and R700


Any news??

a good deal, a good player (as in a good player)??


Keen to know, I do know that it is a 2010 model however seems a good deal



My trusty Chord 1.3 whatever model has given uo the ghost, (got squashed during a  tv move)!!


What news, when, does anyone know anything in the WHFS&V Towers?

As it says, great picture but intermittent (more off than on) volume bar.

Would this be a re-install or a general fault amongst other users?


Right, had Sky installed at the house now for 4 years, been relatively trouble free (normal stuff; occassional reboot, lose signal in bad storms, lip synch occassionally etc but nothing significant

Just got back from watching Harry Potter; Deathly Hallows Part 2, excellent movie, story line and sound quality. let down by the most awful picture quality!!

Since the advent of the BK Monolith into the Home Theatre system and the truly amazing upgrade in effects felt and heard from this beast it has made me wonder just how much is being missed at the l