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There is a live video of this years recording session happening this afternoon, for anyone interested. Not quite sure when as of yet though.

...I think my ears need cleaning out. Ok, here's the story. I was reading one of those other hifi sites when I started noticing a bit of interest around the T-Amp and it's brethren.

Hi all, I've got a bit of a weird problem - I've got a Sony KDFE50A12 3LCD rear projection TV (HD ready).

So, I've decided to downgrade and get back to enjoying music as a hobby rather than hifi. I'll post my meanderings later on, but decided to sell certain things on ebay to free up cash.

A little bit of mist, and once again everyone and his uncle reaches for the fog lights, blinding everyone behind them.


...So what's yours? I'm hoping the spotify users here can build up a "must-listen" thread that other spotees (and me obv!) can discover.

Hi all, I've got a problem - my PL-12d is running about 5-6% too fast.

So, there I was happily enjoying my Napster subscription, trying to decide between it and Spotify Premium, when Napster changes it's subscription model, without so much as an email...

I was thinking last night, about how many CDs I've purchased recently.