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Caught a glimpse of the new sony range today.I wonder when we will see the first reveiw?

I currently subscribe to spotify premium.10 quid a month and have also subsribed to napster before now for same price.Qobus is double that for the hi`fi service but is it any good?


As with two competing technologies one will fail and the other will become standard and affordable.Remerber VHS/Betamax and bluray/HDDVD.I figure 2 years until we know.Any comments?

Good to see panasonic have gone back to 60inch tvs on their new range.Wonder if the powers that be at whf know a release date and price range.Im in the market for a new tv and chomping at the bit

What would you like next from sonos.personally a set of rather good headphones,imagine being able to sit with the better half and not here a thing except what YOU want to listen to.even when all th

Now that plasma seems to be on the way out.how about the old question ,led v plasma is the argument stil relative?

Been down to richer sounds and auditioned the samsung and i was very impressed and now the price is under £1900 seems an absolute steal but can i do better for the money.have already seen the panas

just about to spend £2grand on new tv and so would like glass type stand but cant seem to find many at all