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Hi , i will use the cd , phono and aux inputs and sub woofer out. I'm keen on both new and preowned amps. Budget £350 maybe more depends on the product. Regards.

Hi All ,...


Does the Roksan sound bright. What is the differences in sound between the Arcam and Roksan. Thanks.    

Hi All , connecting a Roksan Kandy K2 stereo power amp to my Arcam avr400 pre outs for stereo use , will the Roksan improve overall stereo sound quality over the arcam avr. Thanks.    

:shifty: Hi , what is the value of a demo pair VDS 2CE Sig. and 684's :doh:

Hi there , Change my speakers from B&W 684 to vandersteen 2ce sig.mk2 , will it be an uprade.System : Arcam amp and Rotel RCD 12. Thanks.

Thanks for the info, i appreciate it.