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With only 300 quids allocated for a hifi upgrade, I am looking for some suggestions. 60% of music comes from CDs, 30% from Vinyls and 10% from streaming.

Hi guys, need some input from you hifi experts as usual. They really don't sell seperate power amps where I live. You have to buy the entire pre-power set up if you want a power amp.

Hi everybody, its been just a few months I have started playing my music through turntable and it has been quite a fascinating journey so far. I play mostly brand new vinyls.

my amp has speaker A and B output which are both marked as 4 - 16 ohms. Its also says Speaker A + B at 8 - 16 ohms. Now 3 basic questions.

Guys, need some advice. I have never been into vinyl and have always listened to CDs. Now I found this second hand hifi dealer with a "no return" policy.