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hi my lx 76 is making an aweful hissing noise when i turn on my android box , does anyone have a clue why?

yes i have and im running polk through it , I am looking at other kit for my projector room

Hi no budget and i can buy just about anything HIFI here

Hi all Im living in Thailand now and ive found someone who does tthe new shape ATC scm 11s , looking for matching advice , amp , cd, streamer etc , any advice greatly received.

All sorted stray wire found many thanks


no when watching a movie works fine

Hi when using the auto speaker callibration on mt lx 76 when it gets to my rear surrounds the amp shuts down? any ideas guys and gals?

just too explain i have different systems in diff parts of house living room , bedroom and now a home cinema room so starting afresh

I love it very rich deep offerings bright and punchy