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I briefly heard the Spendor D7s last week and was impressed. I am keen to investigate further, and would appreciate any feedback from owners and people who have heard them at length.

Am off to France on holiday next week, and need some advice about getting my Euros.

I know there are no hard and fast rules here but am interested in your views.  Say you had £3,500 to spend on a new cd only system, how would you split it up between the cd player, amp, floorstandi

My current system consists of the Audiolab 8200CD player feeding the Audiolab 8200 Q/P pre/power amps. I have KEF Q500 speakers and the KEF Q400b sub-woofer and a Squeezebox Touch.

Has anyone heard the Audiolab 8200A integrated in a direct comparison with the 8200 P/Q pre- and power amp ? If so, I'd be very interested in your impressions. Thanks

My current system is the Audiolab 8200CD, KEF Q500's, KEF Q400b, and the NAD C 356BEE amp. I am generally happy with it, and like the sound in my long narrow room with wooden floors.

I have the chance to upgrade my speakers. My current set up is simply an Audiolab 8200CD going into a Rotel RA1520 amp and out through KEF Q300's.

My Dad wants to get a Sat Nav for his upcoming holiday in France. No special requirements - budget around £125.  Can you help him out with some advice on what to look for/avoid? Thanks.