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Hiya guys, for the past 9 years, I have used Cambridge Soundworks 250D's, and they (even today) and superb in sound quality, unfortunately, they are dying a painful death on me, and I need some new...

What's strange is the issue only happens when I changed the Windows volume, if the volume from the sub is changed its fine! This is a recent change though as before I used Windows volume all the time.

Kefref wrote: ...

Just noticed when changing volume on the speaker itself, it doesn't crackle, but in Windows 8 it does, any ideas?

Hiya WHIFI guys, I have been using some Cambridge Soundworks Megaworks THX Speakers for about 8 years, and they have been immensly amazing, standing the test of time for all my PC needs. About 2...

Is this the model up from what I have? BD220 is mine.

Cool, curious cos they are 20 dabs cheaper than Mrmdvd! And the Panny you linked to looks epic.

Cheers BB, is TPS a reputable site to order from?

Hiya guys, I currently use a Panasonic BD220 BR Player and love it, it's a mid range priced one, so nothing majorly flash, but got really good reviews and I cannot fault it. I recently got the Blu...

Ideas anyone?