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Hiya guys, I currently use a Panasonic BD220 BR Player and love it, it's a mid range priced one, so nothing majorly flash, but got really good reviews and I cannot fault it.

Hiya guys, I have recently started delving into the better sound quality world, I am on somewhat of a budget though.

Hiya guys, I bought some Musical Fidelity EB33's as suggested by this site, and they are awesome, they sound great on my HTC M8.

Hiya guys, I bought some new earphones for my MP3 Player (MusicalFidelity EB33's) and they arrived today, and are amazing, tried them on everything and they sound awesome, except on my PC, they sou

Hiya guys, I am using the Sony HTSF1300 AV Receiver which I love to bits, but it doesnt have a headphone jack, and seen as all my devices come through this box it's somewhat of an issue if I wish t

Hiya guys, new here but was told this is the place to come for info on headphones etc...