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Anybody can tell something about R900?Any experience?


Looks good to me for a asking price of 1450USD.

I am interested in your opinion about these speakers.I had the chance to listen to a few of them from the actual range and was quite impressed and found them very musical and silky in general  bein

Hey guys,quik ?? on connections.The 8200CDQ has balanced and unbalanced outputs.I conntected my 8200CDQ via XLR (balanced) to mono amps.Can I use unbalanced outputs at the same time for e.x.

Wondered if anybody tried DIY tuning his speakers and do some experiments?I recently played with some greese filter material out of fleece and placed some of it into the cabinet departments of my M

Had a little chat with my hifi dealer,he said he could make me a good offer  for some SF Cremona M,PMC PB 1i and PMC Fact 8 around 50% off list as these are demos but with full warranty and they wo

I recently bought a new 8200P and will buy 8200M in exchange to a pair of mono amps from Audiolab i had.There is some noticeable hum from the device,I have changed/tried with different powercords a

Audiolab 8200 CDQ + Arcam FMJ A19 seem to share same functions with their remote controls which is annoying.If you want to adjust volume both devices respond to the remote controls.Does anybody kno

I got an offer for a preowned Denson B200 Preamp and also could try it at home.As the Preamp-section of the Audiolab 8200CDQ is not the best you can get (which I use now) i thought it could be a go