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Just curious wink but what would result in the bett

At the moment i have a pair of B&W 685 S2 and i am very happy with the sound in combination with my Naim UnitiLite.

The thread Naim CD5si vs Audiolab 8200CD is gone although is just posted a reply?? :doh:

Does anyone know if there is a lot of difference in sound quality between the Denon DCD-720 and DCD-1510? I know the DCD-1510 can also play SACD but i am only interested in the CD performance.

What would be the best setup for my Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers: the Cyrus 6XP i already have + Cyrus CD6SE2 or a Naim Unitilite?  I am not planning on streaming music, so the quality of the CD

After being very impressed last year by the pair of Q Acoustics 2020i i owned, i bought a pair of Concept 20 speakers last week.


I was just wondering...

What speakers have similar qualities as the KEF LS50, sound as good or better than the KEF LS50, but have a grille?