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I have the Samsung ES8000  46" tv and was going to by the 2013 evolution kit for it as the price has finally dropped a bit to £169, I'm guessing there is a 2014 model about to come out, hence the r

I have the iphone 5 and the iPad 2, iPad is wireless only. What I want to do is send netflix to my iPad from my iphone.

I've had this tv about 8 months now and have never got round to buying a hard drive for it for recording tv.

Had this about a month now and was going through the settings and in the audio settings there is an option called  "downmix" and it says " Set whether to apply Dolby Surround to the output audio si

Bought a TV/ monitor a few years back for the bedroom, it has no tuner in it so just plug my freeview recorder into it to watch TV.

Got the Sony 790 for Xmas, playing it on a samsung 46" 8000 series tv.

Hope someone can help with this, recently bought the Samsung 46 es8000, what I need to know is what external hard drive will work with this TV, at the moment it's just for recording from the TV I w

Seems like a good buy, if you like these films!

Hi, just got this today, can anyone give me a list of picture settings for it, or point me to some elsewhere on the net.

The last 2 parts of the Harry potter films in 3D are only £14.95 at Zavvi.