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I have had an email from a Paulo Napp @ a G Mail account asking me to log into this site via a link in the email and reset my password.


I am looking into isolating a few of my system components.


I got my replacement 65VT65 yesterday - fairplay to Richer Sounds for properly honouring their guarantee.


I went to see Hunger Games 2 at the Imax yesterday.


Normally I walk away from the Cinema feeling dissapointed - not this time.

I have had an image retented on my screen now for 4 odd weeks - having an ongoing issue with Richer Sounds over it.


I have spent the last few hours watching some blu ray content I have seen time and time again.  I havent spent a huge amount of time watching blu rays  since I have owned and calibrated to 2.4 gamm

I have just calibrated my 65VT65 for 3D and what I am now seeing is unbelievable!!

If more people saw 3D like this it would change a lot of opinions on 3D 


There are quite a few people complaining about the Xperia Z wifi.


mine works great 98% of the time - the other 2% requires a restart and normally all data doesn't work.

Will follow this up as is unusable on iPad atm