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Happy Christmas!



" Record players" by Dieter Rams at the Design Museum.


I came into the lounge today to see this:


Amazon currently have quite a lot of Blu-rays for £8.98, including Bond films.

They have others at £9.98 - and some at £7.98 (e.g. 3:10 to Yuma, No Country For Old Men, Zodiac)!

I recently bought a cheap cordless telephone to replace my 20 year old phone in the louge (I have a slightly more up-to-date one upstairs!).

I assume this is not an April Fool joke!

I was sceptical about HDMI cables, so long as they met the required specification I thought they couldn't make a difference.

My current amplifer, a Yamaha A3080, is still going strong (apart from a temperamental input selector, which is a common 'feature' of this model so I understand), but it cannot decode HD sound form