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It has been nearly 2 weeks now that I have been playing with this review unit. And boy.... how does Stoner Acoustics cramp all the juicy quality into a small device like this... is beyond me.

Hi all,

Just got mine last night. Decided just to get the amp as I already have 3 pairs of cans at home namely Beyer T1, Alessandro Grado MS Pro and BOSE OTE.

Never realised how important centre channel can be... until I demo-ed this unit at home.

Very capable speakers.... I think I am 2  or 3 years late in enjoying this model.... Although I was looking for a pair for my home theatre.... but I could not resist to try it for music too.

I have just got my hands on a 40 years old refurbished Lenco L78 unit... original parts except for the plinth...



Had the chance to test out this unit recently. I am truly impressed with SVS sub.


This is how I can sum up on the HFPA:

Its a mixed experience listening to these blu rays... Each disc offers only 2.0 channels but either in PCM, DTS MA or Dolby TrueHD and all at 24/96.

Cant get the whole review pasted onto here. It came out all hay-wired...