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Can someone please inform wich are the models 1 and 3  speakers(from right to left) that appear on the photo posted regarding the last issue of the magazine. Thanks.

Since you have tested both of these, have you noticed that  the Concept 20 give mor bass output than the 2020i's(whose sound I like buit I find a litttle bass light)? Thanks.

Today I had the chance to listen to Quad Valve amp +cd player  and B&W CM9 speakers......in onw word only...IMPRESSIVE!, but cant find prices online for the amps (not that I'm gonna buy them) b

Is it possible to connect to an external AV amp?

Is it possible to connect a 2.1 blu-ray all in one home cinema , say the Panasonic SC-BTT282 for example to a AV receiver and still be able to get HD 5.1 sound? Any maniac tried it before?

Can anyone explain the main differences between these two models?

Trying to open the Neat video.No go for several times.Problems?

anyone heard of these?

Have returned mine. For 3 times now, on connecting it after a long period of being off, sound only came from right speaker.

Does this center speaker have teh midrange forwardness experienced by the BR5 and the BR2 or is it more neutral? thanks.