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Just bought a Sugden A21 amp and want to buy some new speaker leads.

My question is does bi-amping make a difference?

I have an Arcam CD17, Arcam A28 amplifier and Kef Q5 speakers.

Anyone heard a Cayin valve amp, either the EL34 or KT88 integrated?

The build quality looks good from the photos on their web site.

For an interconnect between a cd player and DAC, or an amplifier with a built in DAC, which is the best, ( in terms of sound quality), a Toslink optical or an RCA digital ?


Has anyone any experience of Vincent hybrid amplifiers, models SV-226 and SV236?

They are designed in Germany and made in China, I think there is a Chinese firm's version too.

Hello, I've always been interested in good old 2 channel stereo. A few years ago I owned a Fatman 182 valve amplifier.

Looking at Cyrus 6 system There is a choice of a CD6 cd player with a 6A amp, the DAC is in the cd player. Or a CD-T cd player with a 6 DAC amp, where the DAC is in the amp.

I have an Arcam CD17 and an Arcam A28 amp, Kef IQ5 speakers.