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Rather than Chat Jack BB's thread I thought I would create a new one.

So here is my dilemma as mentioned in another thread.

Do I go for the Sony 4k projector and be done with it.  Or do I go for the JVC range?  

Has anybody heard the new Ken Kreisel Quattro (Q125) series and the new MK S300?

Hi Guys,

Planning to convert the loft into a Cinema room with plenty of sound proofing going on in there to reduce the leakage of sound and especially Bass.

Decided to call Panasonic today and after a brief chat with the representative, he advised me to never use my Panasonic for more than 2 hours when gaming. That is 2 hours per week!

Considering a power conditioner but not really sure I need one? There also seems to be a real lack of UK options. I love the look of the Belkin PureAV PF60 but can't seem to find it?

So as you guys know I have my Cambridge audio connected via the 5.1 ch in using analouge cables to my AV unit.



I have my Cambridge Audio 751BD connected via the Analogues to the multi-channel in on my Pioneer LX83.

For me it's now down to these two players. No longer am I after a bluray player for movies only, but also for music and it's analogue outputs.