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Thinking of replacing my Audiolab 8200 CDP & the Sony S790 with OPPO 105, one player for both systems.  The main concern is I don't have (& don't want to buy) a pre-amp, does the OPPO 105 h

Anyone tried this power amp or own it?  Performances?  Thanks.

My 8200CD has an XLR output but my 8200A only RCA input, I'm thinking of using an adaper (Male RCA to Female XLR) on the 8200A so that I can use an XLR cable.

Purchased the ProAc 140 Mk2 & planning to add 8200P to my existing system (8200CD + 8200A) however I couldn't find any review.  Anyone using the P here?  Is it GOOD, GREAT or completely a waste

I just sold my Wharfedale 9.5 & my options of replacement as follows: ProAc 140 MkII, MA RX8 & Tannoy DC6T SE.