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I have noticed quite a few new absentees in my spotify play lists.

A sign of things to come?


... is it who you know or just blissful incompetence in her previous job?


I'll probably get some stick for the following but hey ...

Yup, another one of those, hoping to convince a few of you to take up vinyl as an other source, rather than to abandon digital or damn the format.

This morning I accidently watched 'Michel Roux's Service'.

Has anyone been there?

What are the high/low lights?


Is anyone here living around the Bournemouth area and planning to visit the Bristol Show either on the 21st or 22nd this month?

I know they have been mentioned here but has anyone heard these yet??


Apple novice here;

Does anyone use the latest AEX with windows and spotify (I don't use itunes)?