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I'm looking to replace my 24" Dell 2408HC Monitor and I'm toying with the idea of using a TV instead of an actual monitor.  Are there any decent panels out there that would be able to pull double d

I'm currently looking at a Sony STR-DA2400ES on the bay which is listed as for spares/repair (its very local to where i live otherwise I wouldnt even consider it).

the short version of my setup (long version linked below)

PS3/PC into Logitech Z5500 system with B&W fronts and centre, small (8ft square) room.

Just got myself a new TV - LG 42LS575T.  Hooked it up to my 4yr old Sony BDP-S350 and while the picture looks pretty good to me, I'm wondering if a new player would give any improvement....

I was pleasantly suprised to see the Samsung UE40ES6800 review appear today as this is one of the TV's currently on my shortlist.

Interesting offer on at curry's for Euro 2012

Buy a TV £549 or higher and get £10 back per goal scored by England at Euro 2012

I want to watch this now dammit!!!!

I've had Infinity since March '11 running on a BT Home Hub 2 wireless connection and up until recently it's been running at a fairly decent 20mbps.

Evening All,

Not sure how long this price will last for but hell, get em while you can!!

Moved house with the 'rents in February and got lumbered with the smallest room in the house.