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The new monster is finished!  :grin:

Dubbed EvilEdna3, she comprises thusly:

Ok, so I work in the pub trade, and I'm a non-driver. This arrangement necessitates the fairly regular use of our local taximeter cabriolets.

Morning all! (With a particular nod to Matthewpiano)

Just- on a total whim- purchased a Marantz PM6004.

Whilst on the PC a few days ago, I had the telly wittering away in the background, on channel 4.




Sorry.  :doh:


Only taken me two years to get them finished, but here they are... Couple of snagging issues to sort, but they are working superbly!

Just got home, flicking through Beeb website I discover that "Let's get ready to Rhumble" by Ant and Dec is at No.1.

It was **** in 1994 and it's even worse now.

Tried something for the first time today... Popped a CD into my Sony BDP370.

Stuck this in Off-Topic...

Had a curious idea for the mag, wondered if any other forumites would be up for it: