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 just found this unit on the internet , very interesting and good looking piece of kit .



scroll down to post 179 there is that video  

 Something with very good tracking ability with no sibilance and IGD , and with low surface noise , also to match my phono preamp I want to get the most out of it , deserves better than Elyssssssss

I've just found this option how to clean stylus , looks very good and it's cheas as well .

so I have about 10 records I don't want  , bought on ebay  record is worn off or surface noise is too high , or some from my chrity shop looks in ex condition  but recording  is poor , I can't sell


I have no idea would sound good with Leema , at the moment I have Rega rs5 but after moving to smaller room I need something suitable room is about 3m x 3,2m .

My vinyls just dont sound as I expected , I am starting to wonder what is that  "vinyl sounds great  etc ..." about .  I was buying mostly new vinyl from Amazon ,ebay or some charity shops s.h.

Hi guys , I have a Rega's RS5 floorstanders running with Leema elements amp , I want to change speakers to something smaller with bigger soundstage,theese speakers are just too big for my room I ca

Hi folks , I want to upgrade my Rega combo , I am interested in amps mentioned in title , there is many positive reviews about Leema Pulse and Pulse 3