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I currently have all my music stored on my PC on iTunes and have the PC connected to my amp but need to move the PC to another room.

I have just got a Epson EH-TW6000W which only came with 1 pair of 3D glasses and need another 3 pairs. The Epson glasses are about £80 a pop and wondered if there were cheaper alternatives?

I've just fitted a OCTO LNB to my dish and dropped the cables but before drilling through the External wall wondered if the is a tool that assists in passing the coax through easily?

I have just upgraded my PC and wanted to know if it is possible to transfer all the songs I have on iTunes on the old PC to the new one with out having to spend countless hours ripping all my CDs i

Having had a 50" Plasma for a long time I have come to that point where I feel the need to go bigger where Movies are concerned and get the real cinematic feel to movie time at home by adding a pro

I have recently got a LG LED TV to put in to one of the bedrooms but the power cable is quite short so I need to extend it.