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I am looking to wall mount my kndle and use as controller for my Sonos player and have a couple of questions to start

I have just bought a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home but it is slowing down my network at home.  I have backed up my Mac to it and did this with the ethernet cable as it was going to take over a day

I have just bought a new NAS, the Seagate GoFlex and plan to put my iTunes library on it plus bits and peices of my other halfs on there.  Do I just put a copy of my entire library on there and lea

I have just set up all my speaker levels using a sound level meter and am having trouble with my sub (B&W PV1), as per the manual I set the volume to the 12 o'clock position on the sub, but whe

Can any other webcam be used besides the advertised Panasonic one that is over £100 to use with the Skype app built into the player ?

Am I doing something wrong, I connected my iPhone via a QED lead to my Denon 1910 to play music and I was only getting sound from the front surrounds and centre speaker, is this what should happen