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I'm just trying to establish if using a 5m USB cable is likely to be an issue. Since I'm asking about a DAC, I don't see how I'm asking in the wrong forum.

I'd be especially interested in hearing from Meridian Explorer owners.

I'm thinking about getting a a Meridian Explorer2 to connect to my hifi for streaming with Spotify and for playing 24bit 192kHz high resolution files. My own concern is that the USB cable from the...

I turned 37. I am officially an old man.

You may be interested that Currys have 20% discount on Canon lenses.

Absolutely nothing. Didn't receive a single Christmas card either....

Apple quietly killed off the iPod Classic today. I've been wanting to get one for a while and anticipated that it would be discontinued today. I was wondering if I should buy right now or wait....

Lots of hobbies but I don't always have or make time for them: Photography and astronomy being the main ones. Does reading, films, cookery, gym, travelling and internet shopping count?

Thanks for your kind words everyone. Don't really need to speak to anyone for support. Just need to focus on my two priorities: CFA and weight loss.  

Thanks guys. I'm currently just focussing on CFA qualification and on my fitness. Never thought I'd be studying for exams at 36. Life goes on I know. I don't actually have friends and I don't...